About Us


Born of a shared vision to dramatically enhance oil and gas production, Nitro-Lift Technologies was founded by a group of experienced industry professionals focused on developing technology to bring change to the oil and gas industry.

Today, Nitro-Lift provides the following specialty services:

  • On-site nitrogen services during completions and interventions
  • Deliquification, well cleanouts, well jetting, coiled tubing support, chemical injection and foaming
  • Production improvement including gas lifting, supply of make-up gas, onshore and offshore start-up operations, jet valves and reservoir pressure maintenance
  • Pipeline and refinery services including industrial nitrogen applications such as pigging, purging and testing
  • Flowback and testing services including conventional and ventless flowback and testing

Developing what represents a step-change in technology in oil and gas recovery, Nitro-Lift holds several patents on equipment and processes that greatly improve the efficiency of production operations in conventional and unconventional plays both onshore and offshore.



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